“It’s Time to Make Management a True Profession”, Rakesh Khurana (Harvard Business Review)

It’s Time to Make Management a True Profession – Harvard Business Review.

“Investire in un Mba conviene”, TopMBA.com jobs and salary trends report (Il Sole 24 Ore)

Investire in un Mba conviene: posto sicuro e stipendio da capogiro (specie in Asia) – Il Sole 24 ORE.

Rakesh Khurana, autore di “Is Management a Profession ?”, nuovo dean dell’Harvard College

Rakesh Khurana, sostenitore della concezione che il management debba essere interpretato e strutturato secondo i principi professionali e, altresì, convinto promotore della necessità di affermare sistemi di regole deontologiche nell’esercizio delle attività manageriali, è stato nominato nuovo dean dell’Harvard College.

Dobbiamo intendere che questa decisione da parte della più importante università nelle tematiche economiche e aziendali debba intendersi come un segnale di riconoscimento per chi è impegnato, come l’associazione AIMBA secondo le norme stabilite dalla legge 4/2013, nell’affermazione delle logiche professionali e disciplinari nel management.

Link: New Harvard College dean. Rakesh Khurana, HBS professor and Cabot co-master, will start in July.

What’s better for a family business: unitary leadership or a leadership team?

HBSEE’s Prof Davis explains. http://t.co/rPDCILh3NE

Il nuovo IPhone 6


ORGANISATION: The failure of “hierarchical” management structures

MANAGEMENT WRITERS like provocative statements. And John Kotter is no different. In a recent article, the emeritus professor at Harvard Business School writes: “The old ways of setting and implementing strategy are failing us.”


Switch from emerging market debt to equities

Speed read

Emerging market debt outlook may worsen
Volatility risk is not reflected in rewards
Problems of growth and currency risk remain
Equities offer more upside and less risk
Weightings changed in multi-asset portfolio


Are you ready for the Second Machine Age?

As the worldwide slump stretches into its sixth year, we hear ever-louder and more insistent cries that we’ve reached the end of innovation, and that growth is dead.

Don’t believe them.


MANAGEMENT CONTROL – Rolling Forecast, Beyond the Budget

Rolling forecasts are remarkably effective tools for allowing companies to nimbly adjust to rapidly changing business conditions and stay ahead in the game. Unlike annual budgets, which set yearly targets, rolling forecasts are used to reflect performance on a quarterly, monthly or even weekly basis.

FINANZA – Keeping multibusiness companies running smoothly (McKinsey & Company)

Keeping multibusiness companies running smoothly | McKinsey & Company.